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Thank You

A brief list of all people who’ve contributed to the document (thank you all very much!):

  • Michael Rodler (current maintainer and back-porter from MeWeb markup to GitHub markdown).
  • Mikael Egevig (author of the original document).
  • Dirkjan Ochtman (basically all the generator-related stuff by giving us some crucial samples).
  • Eli Bendersky (for small grammar fixes and mention of opt’s .bc output).
  • Sean Silva (for using proper C++11 lambda syntax in lambda samples).
  • Isaac Dupree (for correction the name of ‘@’: It is “at-sign”, not “ampersand”).
  • Wilfred Hughes (i became index and addition of separator between generator C++ and LLVM IR code).
  • Kenneth Ho (correction to C++11 lambda example and C++ exception handling sample).
  • Xing GUO (correction to various typos, updates to LLVM 8 syntax)

Should your name be here? If so, contribute :-)